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A pivotal aspect of our business is not only having a sufficient inventory at any given time, but having a streamlined logistics process in place as well. Our shipping logistics department works hard to ensure we have a quick turnaround time the minute our customer places the order. To make sure our merchandise is shipped to us on time, we maintain strong relations with our trusted freight brokers (fully certified in the handling of DG/hazmat goods) who in turn, make sure that our products are shipped to Marx and the customer in a safe and timely manner.

We also have warehousing and storage facilities available in parts of Asia, Europe and the USA which allow us to deliver goods to our clients promptly, wherever they are in the world. Regardless of the size of the order, we can cater to our client's business needs and even drop-ship the order to their customers directly. 

Valued Clients

Marx has a network of over five thousand pleased clients located in major cities across the globe. Customers are regularly contacted through our efficient multichannel marketing systems (websites, social media sites, mail order catalogues, e-mail and direct personal communication) and followed up personally by our business development team. Each potential commercial client is given individual attention based on their business model, annual revenue, product portfolio and demand/supply figures as per their specific geographical location and demographic.  


  • Big-box & Mass-retail chains

  • Television & Internet stores

  • Travel-retail stores

  • Boutique shops

  • Start-ups

  • End users

Competitive Advantage

Our competitive advantage lies in a streamlined distribution network backed by a sizeable client base that spans across the Asia-Pacific, North America, Latin America & Caribbean, Europe and Middle East. With regional offices in Hong Kong (headquarters) and Los Angeles, Marx operates around the clock.  Our access to demand and supply cycles of multiple markets, allows us to hedge our risk by having a diversified portfolio of products in different locations around the world.  

Product Categories
  • Fragrance & Beauty

  • FMCG

  • Hand Bags, Watches & Other Luxury Goods.

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